Cape Electric prides it self as a shop that stays true to the fundaments of traditional tattooing, one of these fundaments includes being able to draw and paint flash.
Our shop is filled, floor to ceiling with our own flash and flash from some of our favourite shops, tattooers and guest artists that have graced our shop from around the world.

These are all timeless designs and are ready-made to be tattooed, these are the tattoos we have the best time applying to clients, they are whatever you want them to be. We encourage people to get these tattoos as we tend to twist them up a little, unless you want it as it is – which there is also nothing wrong with as this puts the fun and non-serious side back into tattooing, we also charge these tattoos at a once off price so you’re always going to leave satisfied, with the tattoo and your price paid!

Gareth and Waldo each has and folder of ONE OFF designs they are also always eager to tattoo and it pretty much works the same as all the flash on the wall, you get a custom tattoo at an easy price, only difference is with these designs are that we will not tattoo them again, ever. thats your tattoo and your tattoo only.

Come by and get something great off the wall or out of our books, you wont regret it.