Caitlyn Long joined Cape Electric Tattoo over 3 years ago, since then she has become a integral part of our everyday operations, most of you would know her by email or the first point of contact when walking through the doors. Caitlyn started as our shop manager with no prospect to start a apprenticeship, as the years progressed we saw Caitlyn’s potential, and with her art background it was a natural evolution. We are very proud and excited to help and watch her develop her skills and progress as a artist and tattooer. Caitlyn has an keen eye for detail and enjoys fine-line and ballpoint pen drawings, she is currently doing tattoos at a favorable rate and would love to do more tattoos in her preferred style, if you would like to collect a tattoo and in the process help her progress, email or call the shop, before her waiting list grows .  

While not at the shop, you’ll most likely find Caitlyn at the beach. Follow her progress caitlynlong.ct